Executive Profiles

The Montague Executive Team are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation

  • Rod McQueen - Chief Executive Officer

    Rod McQueen - Chief Executive Officer

    • Bachelor Commerce, CPA Qualified
    • 16 Years of Service with the Montague Group in various Management positions
    • In his role, Rod must continually espouse the Montague culture, ethics, family values, dedication to health and wellbeing of all employees and ensure this message is made very clear to all who come under the Montague employ.
    • A critical area of his role is the constant push of OHS and sustainability – having the right people in the right role is not only about getting a “job done” it is ensuring that we conduct ourselves in a safe and safety aware manner that ensures that all employees and indeed all who come onto our sites leave in a healthy and fit state as they were on arrival. Sustainability in this instance is the focus on reducing emissions and hence carbon footprint. Until recently, Rod was chairing an industry body (RWTA) Electricity Efficiency committee whose primary role is to ensure the industry is looking at all methods of electricity usage reduction.
    • Working at Montague allows Rod to work in a family business with a culture that allows him to be involved as a change agent, put forward considered strategic directions and be able to carry them out with a deal of autonomy. It has also provided Rod with career advancement and allowed him to progress through six very distinct roles all of which have provided different learning’s and required upgrade of personal skill sets.
  • Fred Meuwly - Chief Financial Officer

    Fred Meuwly - Chief Financial Officer

    • Bachelor of Economics and Management (with Honors)
    • An economist by trade, Fred has a wealth of commercial and financial management experience acquired over the past 24 years in Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. Fred has an extensive financial and commercial understanding in a comprehensive range of strategic and operational areas.
    • Fred’s management knowledge as well as his down-to-earth approach supports Montague’s current growth strategy with sound financial directions and acceptable risk profiles that ensure the Group’s commitment towards its customers, suppliers, staff and shareholders.
    • Similarly, in his role to that of the Chief Executive Officer, Fred continually embraces the Montague culture, ethics, family values and dedication to the health and wellbeing of all employees.
    • With a proven expertise in business, project and service as well as organizational transformation, Fred has the resilience to implement adequate change which will foster a sustainable future for the Group.
  • Rowan Little - General Manager, Montague Fresh

    Rowan Little - General Manager, Montague Fresh

    • Bachelor of Arts (Monash) & Masters of Arts (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    • Rowan has had 13 years with the Montague Group within the Montague Fresh division
    • Rowan's position as General Manager of Montague Fresh requires the management of the overall process of taking key products from breeder through to the end customer. This means working with breeders, growers (including our orchards), packing technologies, transport and logistics services providers, retailers and the end consumer.
    • Rowan's key motivation for coming to work each day is the love for the products we handle."Apples, Pears and Stonefruit are staple products the world over as well as consisting of an endless range of flavours and uses. On top of all that they are really good for you!"
  • Neil Thompson

    Neil Thompson

    • General Manager HR/WHS